Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bumper Cars

I think I’ve found the cure for road rage…. BUMPER CARS! I have been stuck behind a lot of really horrible drivers lately. I really think if I could just bump them softly and remind them that they should focus on driving rather than on their cell phone conversation or on whatever else they are focused on it might help. It might help to just be able to nudge the old guy who is going too slow or floating over into my lane. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, but I think it would be good just to bring people back to the task at hand – driving. Also, have you ever seen anyone that was in the bumper cars and not laughing…? I haven’t, so I think it would make everyone laugh a little too; instead of everyone being so angry when they drive.

Here are a few people who have already taken the bumper car idea to heart apparently….. I don’t think I want my car to have to actually look like a bumper car. I just want big rubbery safety bumpers added all the way around that you can’t see…. Someone else will have to design it and do the physics. Do you think it would hurt to bump someone out of the fast lane at 70mph? I hope not because I think I would use my bumper car a lot to remind people not to camp out in the fast lane – not really a lane at all; it should really be used for passing only, not cruising, folks.

Bumper Cars for all….

Bumper Car police chase :-)