Thursday, July 16, 2009

DC 1 - Up, Up, and Away....

I flew out to Washington DC with my niece and nephews last night. I got to bring Cameron, Karsen, and Lexi out to an extended weekend here. Traveling with kids is pretty tricky… always trying to make sure that you don’t lose anyone and that no one leaves anything behind. We made it through security and I felt horrible for always being frustrated when I’m behind a family in line… it’s a serious skill set to get a group like that through that process. We bought dinner and boarded the plane. Karsen and Cameron did pretty well for a 4 hour plane ride. Karsen was kept busy with Get Smart on my iPod and Cam played his gameboy for most of the first part of the trip. It was great to watch their excitement as we headed out.

They are both such great little guys! I love spending time with them. Karsen is the sweetest and most considerate kid I’ve ever met and Cam is SO funny. I think in the next few days there will be lots of “Camizims” on here. As we got situated and ready to take off it was hilarious to hear Cam (the plane expert because he’s been on two flights) explain to Karsen (the plane novice since he’s never flown) how a plane takes off: “basically you just start going forward really fast and then they go off the ramp and up into the air” – haha! I love how kids think, especially that one :-). They both kept asking me all kinds of great question throughout the flight and the guy in front of us got a good laugh out of it – I’m glad he thought it was funny because those two guys hit the back of his seat and dropped their tray tables so many times I think I would have gone crazy if I was seated in-front of them instead of next to them. I also wish I was still as excited about free Sprite and peanuts, but I guess some things lose their novelty when you’re not 9 anymore.

As we got off the plane my mom was excitedly telling me what she had heard about Robert Redford:
Mom (very exasperated): Did you hear Robert Redford got married? I can’t believe it – he never even got to meet me.

Cam (curious): Grandma, who is Robert Redford (pause) Is he one of your old friends?

HAHA – man, you just had to hear the delivery – so great!

We were lucky enough to have a driver meet us at the airport and take us to the hotel. The kids thought they were superfly in the decked out Suburban with our own driver. As we pulled up to the hotel everyone was oohhing and awwwing. It’s a really large structure right on the Potomac River. As we pulled closer Cam said “it’s like paradise”. Man that kid makes me laugh! Its his delivery – total deadpan. I’ll tell you more about the hotel in another post, but here are a few pics from the flight.
The Boys - Cameron & Karsen
Me and the guys

Lexi with the guys. Notice the guy in front of them... yes, he was slightly creepy when he peeked over, but at least he didn't get mad at the noise and bumping.

I'm excited for more of these moments this weekend :-) !