Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DC 3 - Mt. Vernon

Today I had a meeting with the hotel to look at their meeting space. I was exhausted having to be down there at 8:30 (give me some credit – that’s 6:30 Utah time). When I came back everyone had just woken up. We got ready for the day and headed out for Mt. Vernon. I had never been there so I was excited to see it. We took a water taxi from our hotel down the Potomac. It was a beautiful day and we saw tons of cool stuff! It was a fun way to have the kids really see history happen. The boys had all kinds of questions about Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Jefferson, etc, etc… I was very glad to have a blackberry with internet access so I could keep all the facts straight. I think they knew more than I did for sure.

It was a little overcast today, but only rained a little as we sat and listened to an actor portray George Washington’s personal physician and tell about being alongside him in battle and then being there the day he died. The guy was incredible – totally worth listening to. After he finished he let us ask questions and Cam had a million. He was really nice and answered as many as he could. As we headed to the boat for our return to the hotel we were running a little late so we decided we should run. Cam calmly said – “I’m not worried, we have two legs, raptors have two legs”. Apparently the logic is – they only have two legs and they go fast so if I have two legs I can go fast. Not sure I was as confident, but we made it. The plan was that as we headed back from Mt. Vernon we wanted to go to Alexandria, but on the boat ride it started to down pour and when we made it back to the hotel we were all soaked… we opted out of the Alexandria idea (I’ll save it for next time).

When we got back we wanted to go out to dinner, but couldn’t decide on anything so the boys had hotdogs again and we had Potbelly’s Sandwiches. We walked around the wharf area again and headed home to see the fountain show at the hotel before an early bed since the next day was our big downtown adventure.
The boat ride over
My new home on the Potomac
A slave cabin on the estate

Wandering throught the grounds around the mansion

A tree planted by George himself

Near George & Martha's tomb.

The back of the estate

Lexi and me sporting our super curly humidity hair at the end of the day