Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DC 2 - Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Well, I don’t think I’m ever going to be completely current with this thing, but at least this is just a few days ago. …. So, day 2, our first official day in DC, we woke up late and were pretty lazy most of the day. We hung out and the boys enjoyed some R&R and SpongeBob (which I don’t get at all; it’s SO annoying). We left the room in the afternoon and headed out to find some lunch.

We walked around the harbor area around our hotel, which Cam has named “Hotel City”, and finally sat down to eat at a little sports bar. Everything we do is an adventure with Cam & Karsen. As we try to order the two of them are checking out the kids menu, which happens to be their coloring book for the moment as well. Karsen politely orders his grilled cheese sandwich and now its Cam’s turn. First he says: “um, what do chicken tenders taste like?” to which I of course say “tastes like chicken”. Apparently he wasn’t sure as they weren’t called chicken nuggets or chicken strips. Not satisfied with the chicken nugget options he stares at the very short children’s menu and then asks totally seriously with his hand under his chin resting on the table… “Can you tell me how big the mini-burger is”? I’m not sure why, but this comment struck the funny bone of all four “adults” in the area (me, mom, Lexi and our waiter). The waiter starts to explain what size he thinks the burger is. Totally hilarious – in the end he went with the very big mini burger and had trouble finishing it.

We left and walked around more and then stopped for some gelato. They loved it. As we sat and ate the Katy Perry song Hot & Cold came on. I didn’t think the kids would know it very well, but we all ended up sitting there singing together. As the song was ending Cam explained: that song is about opposites: if you have an assignment in your class about opposites you can just think of this song – I must remember that.

Back to the hotel to change for the game. I thought the guys might like to go to a major league baseball game. I bought the tickets, but I’m slightly cheap and wasn’t forking over $60 each for two nine year olds to watch the game so we got the extreme nose bleed seats for $13… and they loved it! They didn’t care how far up we were or that we were in the sun – the game, the food, the dancing – they loved it all and we had a blast cheering on the Nationals, even though they lost.

Yes, thats the fence behind us.. one row from the top of the stadium, but it was still so much fun!

There was an amazing sunset over DC that night

On the ride home the driver asked the boys what they thought and as they were gushing Karsen explained that he felt like he had just “conquered the concrete jungle” it was so funny. I swear, I don’t know where they hear this stuff. It was also hilarious because Cam got really upset that Karsen was being the funny guy. As Karsen tried to make us laugh again Cam sat there saying “blah, blah, blah” right over him. Funny that kids are so protective of their roles at such a young age.
On the ride home we stopped to get some groceries for breakfast. There wasn’t a store near the hotel so we had the driver stop in the city. Lexi and I headed it to get our stuff, but ended up waiting in a very long checkout line. As I stood there I was a little surprised to realize we were the only white people in the entire store. I didn’t mention it to Lexi because I didn’t want to make it a bigger deal than it was, but as we left she looked at me and said “it’s kind of strange to be a minority”. Guess I had to give all the kids a different cultural experience. It’s good for her to be out of Utah a little and see that diversity can be great!
All in all a great day and lots of great moments!!