Monday, April 26, 2010

Waxing Poetic

Oh, and I would like poetry… not a must, but a big plus.

I have a friend who writes great poetry and posts it on his blog. Its all about these wonderful experiences he’s had mostly about loving and waiting...not about me. I have another friend who writes brilliant poetry about life and learning and her words are beautiful…not about me. I don’t really have the gift of poetry, but I appreciate it. I love when its written for me. I know that’s vain, but its feels so amazing to have someone craft words specifically chosen to move me in a certain way or tell me something they feel in a way they couldn’t express otherwise. Its probably why I like music so much, because it does the same thing, with or without words.

Well, believe it or not Ive had a few very beautiful poems written for me in the distant past, but I found this one recently and had to get it out there… had to show what a few beautifully laced words can do and mean. Yes, this was written for me – it no longer is valid, but someday I hope to be this for someone and them me again:

Eres mi sol, brillante y llena de vida.
Temo perderte.
Siento que morire del frio sin tu color y tu luz
Te amo

You are my sun, brilliant and full of life.
I fear to lose you.
I feel that I would die of the cold without your color and your light
I love you