Friday, April 30, 2010

Tramp Stamp

My car got a 'tramp stamp' tonight. My cute little Audi ... who knew she would be so wild ;-). Ok, not nearly as cool as it sounds... I got rear-ended and the bumper now has a permanent imprint of the other cars lisence. Not cool! At least I made the claims adjuster laugh when I announced to Syd and Dez that my car just got a tramp stamp, I forgot as I said it that she could hear until she busted up on the other end of the line... sometimes i crack myself up :)

Three Things...

Im totally plagiarizing this from my friends blog. She is one of the most amazing people I know and even though she's 3 years my junior she is who I want to be when I "grow up". Here is her post:

"I have a solution to the world's problems. It's called, 'Three things'.
Every night before my kids go to bed I tell them three reasons why I love them. Ella thought I would run out of reasons, but I have proved her wrong. Now every night she waits with wide eyes and says, "Mom, don't forget my three things!"I always want my kids to know I love them. I always want my family and friends to know I love them. I may just start dishing out three things randomly, so just know you've been warned. All we have are moments. Let's make the best of them!"

I think she's on to something here. This practice is amazing for a mom to share with her kids - what kid wouldnt grow up happier and healthier knowing each night just how much they are loved by their mom or their dad, but since I dont have kids (yet, I hope) I think of doing this with my future spouse. How amazing would it be each night to lay down together and think of three things we love about each other. I think both people would feel so great about themselves as well as the person they love. It would be hard not to feel appreciated or recognized. It would be hard to be angry or hurt. Now, Im definitely no expert here having never had a spouse, but I think I want to try this out someday. Brit's a genius :-)

Weather Schizophrenia

This is NOT what the day before MAY should look like....

I want to ride my bike, but not in this. Really tulips and snow...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Waxing Poetic

Oh, and I would like poetry… not a must, but a big plus.

I have a friend who writes great poetry and posts it on his blog. Its all about these wonderful experiences he’s had mostly about loving and waiting...not about me. I have another friend who writes brilliant poetry about life and learning and her words are beautiful…not about me. I don’t really have the gift of poetry, but I appreciate it. I love when its written for me. I know that’s vain, but its feels so amazing to have someone craft words specifically chosen to move me in a certain way or tell me something they feel in a way they couldn’t express otherwise. Its probably why I like music so much, because it does the same thing, with or without words.

Well, believe it or not Ive had a few very beautiful poems written for me in the distant past, but I found this one recently and had to get it out there… had to show what a few beautifully laced words can do and mean. Yes, this was written for me – it no longer is valid, but someday I hope to be this for someone and them me again:

Eres mi sol, brillante y llena de vida.
Temo perderte.
Siento que morire del frio sin tu color y tu luz
Te amo

You are my sun, brilliant and full of life.
I fear to lose you.
I feel that I would die of the cold without your color and your light
I love you

What do I want...

I want someone who is honest. Honest even when its hard because honesty is always harder to deal with when it surfaces on its own instead of being upfront to begin with. I want laughter… lots of laughter. I want friendship – true, honest, tell you everything, cry with, laugh with, grow old with, best friendship! I want passion… head over heels, butterflies in the stomach, cant wait to be with you – passion! I want an equal, a partner a compliment to my whole. I want to be enough…enough of whatever it takes for someone to do the illogical every once in a while. Enough for someone to do all the crazy, fun, silly things for and with. I want to be enough for someone to want to actually move forward and take that leap of faith… not married in a month sort of leap of faith, but I like you enough to take a risk and open my heart.

This is just the start so I guess I want a lot, but I don’t think its unrealistic or I hope its not… guess we’ll just have to wait and see..waiting with baited breath...