Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Livin the dream

How do you ever tell your kids no? I mean if they really believe in something or ‘have a dream’ in life. So, I was watching Glee, I know cheesy, but one kid wanted to be a dancer and his dad wanted him to become a doctor. Obviously this kid loves dancing and performing, but when looking at the big picture becoming a doctor if he was capable would be a much safer and maybe better life path. I hope to be a parent one day and hope to be a good one. I think it will be terribly difficult not to want to protect my kids from pain and sadness; to help them bypass some of the simple mistakes, but how to do that without crushing their dreams. There was a scene in Glee where the father finally watches his kid perform and sees the excitement and passion in his eyes and knows that he has to let his son choose that direction. I just think it will be a hard thing to want all the best for my kids, but then let them make the choices that suit them best. Allowing my kids to ‘fall’ will be hard. Guess I’ll cross that bridge when and if I get there.