Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bikes, Floaties, and Tacos!!!

Today was a GREAT day!!!! We did my favorite activity so far, and likely my favorite for the trip… we rode bikes :). The Kapaa Bike Trail is amazing! The trail is about 2.5 miles so the trip was just over 5 miles, but each second the scenery was stunning! The beautiful blue ocean to one side and the mountains on the other. Every once in a while I would get a little misting of sea water on my face as I rode. It was fantastic! The sun was shining a few fluffy clouds in the sky and our bikes. This could be my happy place too... the same amazing feeling of open air and freedom and some kind of mind-clearing effect just like riding back home (only on a much more leisurely pace).

It was heaven… until I fell…yes, I fell! I’m such a dork!!! I wish it was a cool story, but it’s not. Krista and I were getting pictures of us riding without any hands on the handle bars. I already had my pic done and it looked fine…. but, I couldn’t let that be it. I had to see if I could actually do it, for more than 2 seconds. Seriously what 32 year old needs to prove to herself she can ride a bike with no hands… me, I guess ;) maybe there is something wrong with me. Anyway, as I jerked back to grab the handles I grabbed the break at the same time and went head first over the handlebars. It was all very slow motion for me and I actually had enough time to think “this is what it’s going to feel like when I fall on my bike at home… only worse”. I was lucky enough to get my hands down so I didn’t hit my head and ended up with some cut up hands, a few cuts on my right leg and a couple road burns on my knees; nothing too major. I’m sure it looked hilarious from Krista’s view… too bad we didn’t get it recorded.
Proof that I can actually do it - this was the original pic... way before the fall :-)

After our ride we stopped and got shave ice and a TnT Burger. Amazing burgers and fries from a roadside cart. YUMMY! After lunch we met up with our new friend Brandon, a local, who was kind enough to show us around for the next few days. We headed up the canyon and met up with his friend Nephi. We transferred into Nephi’s car for an awesome 4x4 ride up the rest of the canyon. We had 6 people squeezed into the cab of his truck which made for an interesting and jostling ride. We saw the gates that were used in the movie Jurassic Park as the entrance to the park (and took a pic of course ;)).

After our drive up the canyon we got to the Loop Road Area. The plan was to float through the tunnel on the river to the clearing on the other side. Kristin was terrified – she’s claustrophobic and had no interest in going through a dark tunnel filled with water to get anywhere. Nephi and Brandon talked her in to coming… well, tricked/coaxed her into it and we headed down on our floaties. It was so much fun! Freezing cold river water and a pitch black tunnel. The whole ride only took about 7 minutes, but it was great fun. The tunnel started off with smooth sides and I could touch both sides and guide myself down the creek, after a few twists and turns it turned into a really rough tunnel straight through the jungle walls and it was too wide to touch the sides any more. Very fun, but a little creepy when you don’t know what’s coming right in front of you. Nephi had a flashlight to help Kristin feel better, but without the light it was complete darkness – fun :). There were two moments we wished we had on film today – me endoing over my bike and Kristin basically getting carried into the water. We all survived and even Kristin loved it. We spent about an hour back in the grotto on the other end of the creek and tunnel. There was a beautiful little waterfall there where we took tons of pictures. We even did a little cliff jumping! When we were done we hiked back out to the cars and headed down the 4x4 trail getting Nephi’s newly cleaned truck significantly dirty.

After our days adventures we headed home and grabbed some dinner on the way. We had THE most AMAZING fish tacos EVER!!! Yes, I am confident enough to say they are the world’s best fish tacos!!! These tacos, that can be found at Kalapaki Joes in Lihue, were incredible. They’re not just fish tacos; they are Seared Ahi Tacos with a special chipotle aoli sauce… I wanted to drink the sauce all by itself! Have I mentioned that I loved the tacos??!!?? We talked about the tacos for the next 4 hours until we fell asleep and I’m pretty sure I dreamed about them too…. AWESOME!!!!

Back to the condo for a little jacuzzi time. We met the sweetest old man in the jaccuzzi who was there for his son’s secret wedding. He told us the story and how excited he was. He and his wife have been married for 56 years. Of course our bunch of singles asked what his secret was and he said “yes, dear”. So cute! As we got out of the jacuzzi he was talking to his new hot tub partners about us and called us “enthusiastic young people” – ha I doubt that this group of early thirty something’s gets called young people very often, but I guess it’s all relative. After a quick trip to the local Coldstone (as if we hadn’t eaten enough for the day) we settled in for scrabble slam and picture fest. Another amazing day!!!!

… Did I mention we had amazing seared ahi tacos ;)?

More of these moments tomorrow please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!