Sunday, May 9, 2010

Na Pali Coast

Today we woke to a rain storm, but not to worry; rain in Hawaii usually blows over by mid morning. We made a great breakfast of french toast and fresh fruit and took our time about it. The plan was to bike around the east side of the island (very leisurely like), but plans changed when we found out that most things were closed tomorrow, Sunday, and we couldn’t get on the catamaran we wanted…. So, we arranged for the catamaran today and headed north. On our way out of town we got the great idea to rent bikes tonight so we’d have them tomorrow even though the shops were closed. We found a local shop willing to let us do it and the deal was done – biking tomorrow :-)

We found our pickup spot for the catamaran a little early so we decided to explore the area a bit. We stopped at the Kilauea Lighthouse. Pretty over look and cute lighthouse, but we were not interested enough to pay the $5 fee to go out to it (I know, cheap, but we were spending $$ on everything else, and it’s a lighthouse… really?). We headed on to the Hanalei Valley. The valley was incredible and the town was so cute. We drove through to Hanalei Bay and then had to head back for our catamaran ride.

The trip was fantastic! This island is beautiful! So lush and green! The cliffs off the North shore that surround the Na Pali Coastline are harsh and jagged, but covered in beautiful green plants. There are so many incredible waterfalls and hidden beaches dot the shore. Someday I want to hike the NaPali trail, but we won’t have time on this trip, plus it would be fun to hike in and camp for a day or two before hiking back out. This is one of those places where just by seeing it you know that there is a higher being out there – things this beautiful don’t just happen they are sculpted and created and given to us as a supreme gift of beauty. It was a bit overcast for most of the trip, but as the sun would break through there were moments of perfect beauty. The sun on my skin the breeze of salt air through my hair and the stunning scenery – gifts for all my senses. After a quick snorkel (I was WAY too cold for too much longer) we headed back up the coastline. On the way we were fortunate enough to see a pod of dolphins. It was so fun to watch them jump and crest the waves. There was one smaller one who keep jumping and spinning over the top of the water… I think he knew we were watching and was showing off – we loved it :).
After the tour we went back into Hanalei and walked around town for a bit. Enjoyed the local scene and listened to some island music in the park for a bit. We stopped off at a little bakery and pizza shop on the way back. The pizza was great, but the baked goods… YUMMY! Kristin got the macaroon, I got a butter macadamia nut cookie and Krista had the coconut cream chocolate ├ęclair – oh, my gosh!!! Perfect end to the day. Lizzy is on the tail end of a diet so she has had to really watch what she eats and we are not helpful at all… sorry Lizzy!

Here is the pictorial proof, enjoy:
Hanalei Valley

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures!