Monday, May 3, 2010

My Happy Place

I found my happy place today (or at least one of them)! It’s when I’m on my bike… right as I start the ride… I’m strong and fast… I’m pushing hard enough to just start to feel it in my thighs… I can smell the spring flowers and the fresh cut grass… I can feel a soft cool (yes, I like this cool) breeze. I feel strong and healthy! I feel my muscles, I feel wind on my face and skin, IPod in and an awesome song is playing. I’m here, but I’m somewhere else too. I’m me, but I’m someone else too… I can go anywhere, do anything. I’m free…I’m strong! My happy place :)

About a year ago as I contemplated buying a bike my friend said I would probably like straight and fast… he was right… I’m a lover of open road and going as fast as I can for as long as I can! I love it!!!! (I think I would be a great timed trialist, but dont try to get me to do the hills ;) )

My new bike - isnt she beautiful!!! Tomorrow she gets her new pedals and as I begin riding with clips my life will change forever, they say ;) .... hopefully for the good... Im pretty nervous about it.