Saturday, May 8, 2010


Day 1 was great! Full of blissful nothing :)…. After my short work meeting and some emails we slowly got ready for the day, all that meant was that we put on swimsuits and headed to the pool - YAY. With a yogurt and some banana bread for breakfast we were set. The plan was to do nothing… not like we hadn’t just slept for 8, 10, and 12 hours respectively, but being lazier was on the agenda.

We took lots of pics, read a little, napped a little, saw the beach and walked the property a little. In the afternoon we check out of the hotel and went to Puka Dogs for lunch – SO amazing!!! I recommend the mango and pineapple relishes. We picked up Lizzy at the airport and headed to our new home for the next 3 days. Quick dinner at a local joint, where the service was 100% local (no preservatives like deodorant) and the mahi fish tacos - amazing!!! Then an early sleep since we’re still on Utah time. Beautiful perfect start to a fun and relaxing vacation!!! Here are some pics for a little photo journaling…

PS – I did it again… the packing trauma. Was I hurt as a child packing? Was I left to be the only one packing for a large group… what happened to make me so astronomically against just packing … what is wrong with me? I got all my errands done by 8pm on the night before I left. That was a great start. I figured if I started that early I would be done by 10 and have time to watch some TV before going to bed… instead, I procrastinated and did anything I could think of except pack… and the result was the same… I got 1.25 hours of sleep before I had to head to the airport… wonder if I can ever break that cycle. I sure hope so… I travel too often to keep doing this…. And I way over packed, but that’s not really a surprise either ;).

Bring on more sunshine!