Friday, May 14, 2010

Full Circle

It ended where it all begin… next to a swimming pool in the warm spring sunshine… on a small island in the pacific… and I LOVED it! Today Krista and I woke up late after my 4am conference call with work. We packed our bags and delivered them to the bell desk and then we went poolside. We basked in the warmth and the idolness for nearly 5 hours. We ate some fruit and drank some ice water, read a little and listened to a lot of itunes, but other than that we did nothing. PERFECTION!

When we felt sufficiently kissed by the sun we borrowed the hospitality suite to shower and get ready. We still had a few hours before our late night flight. The plan was to head north again to have one last taste of Jo Jo’s amazing shave ice… little did we know it closed at 5:30 and we got there at 5:35. We decided we’d try the cheap knock off version, but when we got there the server was rude and they were out of haupia sauce anyway so we decided to skip our last shave ice and savor the flavors from yesterday. We did however want to repeat one other favorite thing from Kauai…so, we drove to Kalapaki Joe’s and ordered – you guessed it – seared ahi tacos – YUM! What a way to end the day. Oh, and don’t worry, we didn’t skip dessert. We shared a huge slice of mud pie to top off the evening before the flight home.

I was lucky and my flight was fairly empty. I ended up with a full row to myself and took advantage. As soon as the door was shut I pulled on a blanket, spread across the three empty seats and drifted into Hawaiian dreams for the next 5 hours. LA was a bit of a blur; except the creepy married guy who was rude to his wife on the phone and then hitting on me as I charged my iphone. Exhaustion over came me on the last flight and then I woke in Utah to 40 degree weather.

Oh well, I’ll hold on to the lovely weather and fun adventures in my heart! Until next time!!! Kauai, you will always be my favorite Hawaiian island! I heart you!
Damage done to my legs in the past week.... the bruises are more impressive in person...
Headed home :(