Friday, July 16, 2010

Window or Aisle???

Isn’t that the impossible question? I usually go for a window on a long haul flight. Not because I’m concerned with seeing the view, I just know I can lean against the side of the plane and rest a little better, it also helps not to have to worry about everyone else’s bladder control problems. My mind has changed today – On any flight that has three seats on the window instead of just two go for the aisle. Yes, you may have to wake for everyone’s bathroom break, but you’re not stuck in an invisible walled prison. Plus, on the window is impossible for everyone to be on the same bathroom schedule and you’re going to feel horrible waking everyone when you need to go. Go for the aisle!

Also, I’m not trying to be mean here or pick on anyone and I know being heavy and flying must be a nightmare. Still, I need to state that EVERYONE needs to be conscientious of the very little space we all share on the plane. Just because you are bigger than me does NOT mean you can flow into my space as well as yours. The space is tight, as we all know, and when someone starts taking more than their fair share I get really angry. 16 hours next to someone who doesn’t realize that the armrest delineates the difference between your space and mine almost drove me mad! I started off with soft nudges, but it didn’t work… just minutes later each time my space was constricting once again. If I’m stuck in that kind of tiny prison I want clear plexi walls to keep everyone out of my space!

The flight today was really hard. I think my flights to India actually took longer all together, but it’s been at least 6 years since I had a single flight as long as today. The first 5 hours I sat and read and ate and watched a movie before I looked at the flight map – I figured we had to be about half way there… when I looked and saw nearly 11 hours left I was so sad!!! Tried to sleep for a bit, but needed to use the rest room. The next two hours (that felt like at least 6) was the most uncomfortable “sleep” I’ve ever had – even for a plane. With 8 hours left I got up, I walked a bit, used the restroom and ate a snack, read a bit more and then I was finally able to sleep. I passed out for the next six hours and woke with just a couple hours to go… VERY long flight, but glad to be here and excited for what the week holds.

Now I’m stretched out in a huge king bed at the Intercontinental Johannesburg. I took a long bath, brushed my teeth and feel like a million bucks – a clean million bucks. Love how good washing my face and brushing my teeth and hair feel after a long flight. I will try to rest now and then, tomorrow, on to the Kruger.

(I have lots of back posts to do, but they’ll have to wait until after Africa :) )